a refreshing and individual approach to family law

The Situation

Are you facing these difficult situations?
Anu can help give you a fresh perspective.

Feeling alone & isolated

Today more than half of marriages end in divorce. So why do we still feel alone, like there's no one to turn to and few options? We've all watched legal dramas on TV, and followed stories in the media. When we're faced with the prospect of divorce in our own lives, we carry such strong perceptions in our mind about the potential outcomes that it's hard to see an end to all the turmoil, or hold onto hope for the future.

Would you feel more secure knowing that there may be outcomes you never thought possible - especially positive ones?

Engaged in conflict

A lot of people aren't good with conflict. It's hard to keep a cool head, stay connected to your feelings, protect yourself and your interests, all while still standing your ground. The response to conflict is as varied as the individual; some run, hide, cave in, or overreact. Others lose their focus, self-control, self-respect, and ultimately their rights. No matter what, every aspect of your life is impacted.

Would it benefit you to learn that you could face or deal with the conflict in your marriage, separation and even during your divorce - with confidence?