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Mediation in Family Law is a process where individuals attempt, with the assistance of Anu, as an impartial and trained 3rd party, to reach a mutually agreeable settlement of issues that relate to their marriage, separation and/or divorce.

"Mediation is another way to reach a resolution that provides individuals who decide to separate, and who wish to resolve all the issues arising out of their relationship, without engaging in an adversarial contest. It provides a couple with much more flexibility and control than the court process." Anu Osborne

This is because the process of mediation actually incorporates what feels right for you, your family and your specific situation. As an alternative to each party engaging their own separate legal counsel, and entering into contested litigation, mediation provides participants with more insight and input into decisions that can dramatically impact the rest of their lives.

The Mediation Process

To engage in mediation, the couple jointly agrees to retain Anu Osborne to act as their Mediator. Through a series of meetings, Anu works alongside the couple as they make decisions for themselves, sometimes presenting a range of options, telling them about the law, but never advancing the interests of one over the other. The goal is to reach final agreement on all issues facing the couple. The couple only uses outside lawyers to advise them as needed, and to formalize their final separation agreement and divorce.