a refreshing and individual approach to family law



In working with an individual, Anu coaches them to address issues relating to their marriage separation or divorce enabling them to deal directly in dialogue with their partner.

Anu's focus is to help people struggling with conflict discover their own solutions. Working with Anu, an individual benefits not only from resolution, but also by developing their skills for solving and addressing future issues.

"Coaching is ideal for individuals who wish to engage and work towards successful outcomes regarding their family's future, through critical conversations with their partner... . They may be hoping to see a certain outcome to their situation, or they may be looking for guidance, stewardship, processes, tools, and supports through which to achieve resolution." Anu Osborne

In working with individuals, Anu encourages them to: discover, clarify and align with what they hope to achieve; uncover their own solutions and strategies; take responsibility and accountability for their own role and actions in in their separation and divorce.

Conflict Resolution Through Coaching

Those who engage in this process can benefit from improved results in their present and future relationship with their partner, ex-partner and family. Through a series of one-to-one sessions, individuals deepen their understanding of family law, build conflict resolution skills, and ultimately gain the resolution they desire.