a refreshing and individual approach to family law

The Options

Today, whenever possible, Anu first explores out-of-court resolution to the legal and relationship challenges her clients are facing. These solutions are all founded upon the belief that clients can design, choose and walk their own path in matters that impact their family, relationships and future.

Anu has seen that when people get entrenched in their positions, the feelings of anger and frustration that arise can be intense. As a result, the length of time involved and costs of the separation and divorce can become elevated. It’s a truly vicious cycle. That’s why Anu believes that anything that can be done to alleviate this should be viewed as a positive and worthwhile endeavour.

“There can be win-win solutions in a legal separation and divorce.” Anu Osborne

Anu has grown her practice beyond traditional Family Law to include Collaborative Law, Mediation and Coaching, thereby providing a broad range of clients with personal, humane and reasonable ways to resolve problems and conflicts. Her practice incorporates a wide range of approaches and solutions for any person dealing with conflict in their work, business, personal life, family or marital relationships.

While in the past many people would only think of engaging a lawyer when it came to ending their marriage, today Anu helps many individuals and couples take a positive and proactive approach to preventing, as well as resolving, legal disputes.